I Made a Capsule Wardrobe (Go Me)

I Made a Capsule Wardrobe (Go Me)

And now I’m going to pretend I have expertise and I planned it this way all along (ha ha got em)

Facts about me:

  1. I like the idea of being ~minimalist~ but alas I like things too much
  2. Sometimes when I get stressed out I overplan things. Like one time this summer I got stressed out about the sheer amount of clothing that I own and literally cataloged every single item I have and put it on Pinterest. But then I got new stuff and was too lazy to catalog it, so that’s how that one went.

Anyway, as you might imagine, packing is fun because I get to “try” to be minimalist without actually throwing anything away, but stressful because I throw things I like into a bag, but then I worry that I brought too much and take it all out and then put it all back in and then think of new things that I want and put those in too and then repeat the process all over again.

This is probably not a great use of my time, but it seems to happen all the time so I figured I’d make a blog post out of it. Amidst my many Google searches for how to effectively pack for study abroad, I found this thing called a capsule wardrobe, which is basically where you pick a few nice things that all match each other, and then literally just mix and match outfits from that selection for a set amount of time. Seems like one of those things that only works in ~lifestyle blog~ land, like having space on your desk to actually do work or taking cute pictures with succulents.

Maybe, but #1 lesson I learned from trying to make a capsule wardrobe last night was that it’s actually pretty easy when you apparently only buy clothes in like 3 different colors . So now I’m going to show you pictures of my capsule wardrobe and explain to you my sketchy rationale that I just made up right now.




Ok so sweaters are key because it is going to be very cold in Copenhagen so you definitely wanna have strong ~layering game~ I’m bringing 4 thick pullover sweaters in various colors because I’m probably going to be wearing those most days and I don’t wanna look like I’m wearing the same thing every day. And then one navy cardigan for when I want to wear a cute shirt under it, and one blanket-shawl-cardigan thing. And some flannels because who doesn’t like flannels?





Here’s where you really start to see that if my clothes aren’t neutral, they’re probably burgundy or maybe green. I might even say that I picked out my basics first (top picture) and made that the color palette for my capsule wardrobe (that would be a lie though). Anyway I picked out my favorite t-shirts so that I can wear them with scarves and under sweaters and stuff. The middle picture is the a-little-less-basic basics row, meaning that they’re not just plain shirts but I could probably wear them more than once a week without anyone really noticing. And then the bottom picture is ~accent tops~ for fun days. I tried to pick clothes that could be dressed up with dark jeans or a skirt, but also can be worn with leggings to class every day. And also are easy to layer with a bunch of things. Yeah. All of those things.



I love dresses but when you’re making a capsule wardrobe, you’ve gotta be honest with yourself and know that you’re not actually gonna bike to class in below freezing temperatures in a dress. So I followed conventional capsule wardrobe guidelines here and picked a comfy ‘n casual dress, my favorite LBD, and a dress for nicer occasions (that could probs also be casual).





In the skirts section, I have more burgundy things wooo. I picked one going out skirt and two patterned skirts that I can wear with sweaters and tights, which seems a little more realistic than dresses for when I want to look cute. Pants are bulky and harder to layer with those thermal underwear things so I’m only bringing 3 pairs (it helps that these are the only 3 pairs I wear anyway).  And then a bunch of leggings, obviously.



Clearly missing here is a nice pair of walking/all-weather boots. I am not super fussy about shoes and really love both of these pairs of shoes, so I figured I might as well save space here. Riding boots can be dressed up, right?




Even my jewelry is all the same color, so that was helpful. I pretty much wear one of the two gold necklaces every day, so those were pretty easy to pick out, and then I added two green necklaces for when I want to emphasize my ~accent color~


Surprisingly, I put this all together last night with things that I already had and didn’t notice all that many gaps. The only things I need are really a nice pair of all weather boots, a few scarves, and a hat. I even got some nice wool socks today at Costco that are burgundy, so even though no one will ever see them, at least they’ll match my aesthetic.


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