“3 Days to Go”

“3 Days to Go”

I peace out of here on Wednesday, and in typical me fashion, I claim to be really shambly and unprepared when in reality I have a color-coded packing list pulled up on Word right now and I just finished squishing my clothes into packing cubes.

Fun story: I was filling out the cute little luggage tag that DIS gives us to put on our carry on so that we can find our brethren (aka fellow DIS students), and I had the thought of how annoying would it be if you moved and you had to change your address on all of your luggage tags? These are the kinds of thoughts you only have if you’ve been lucky enough to have the same permanent address for your entire life. I’m not sure why I felt like that was worth sharing, but I guess it was just another one of those moments where I realized how conflicted I am about being adventurous.

In case you were wondering, I totally revamped my capsule wardrobe (shocker). Okay maybe not “totally,” but some changes were definitely made. Everything (including underwear, PJs, and winter wear) fit into four packing cubes though, so I call that a success. Comment your prediction on odds I’ll take everything out and start over again before Wednesday.

The current packing situation. My assessment is that it could be a lot worse.

Biggest disappointment in packing so far is that none of my Hamilton books are small enough to justify taking with me. In general, books are probably not the move (which is sad).

My host family contacted me a few days ago! I’ll be living with a host mom and dad, and two younger host sisters who are 11 and 14, so I’ve been reading up on how to be hip with the youth these days (just kidding(?)). At first I was nervous because 11 and 14 are way out of my “elementary ed comfort zone,” but then I realized that between Code Ignite and VSVS and coaching softball, I spend WAY more time with middle schoolers than elementary schoolers anyway and actually love working with that age. Also will definitely be bringing my Jewelbot and imposing some ~STEM education~ on them. Other than that, I’m trying not to have too many expectations on what my homestay experience will be like (20% because that’s what the DIS handbook said to do, 80% because thinking about it too much makes me v. anxious).

I’m staying in a suburb of Copenhagen called Kongens Lyngby. I may or may not have Google-Maps-stalked my new neighborhood via streetview. Key takeaways from this virtual excursion:

  • The house is right next to a bus stop and is a 40-50 minute commute into the city. That’s about the same as my commute into SF for work, so no worries on that end.
  • I’m like 98% sure my host mom runs a hair salon out of the basement of the house. If that’s true, I’m very excited about it.
  • The house is also really close to the main-strip-looking part of the city, which seems convenient.
  • According to wikipedia, it’s actually a fairly tourist-y area in that a lot of people who are visiting Cope stay in hotels there and there are some castles and lakes nearby that are pretty.


What else has happened since the last update? I learned like two Danish words on Duolingo (Danish language and culture class, I’m counting on you…). I looked at some pictures of smørrebrød on Google images. I bought two more warm sweaters. I filled out my Child Development and Diversity practicum placement survey (and got really excited about education as usual).

Vanderbilt classes start tomorrow and maybe that’s when this will start feeling like, real real.



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