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Hi hello! I’m Sami, a 20-year-old Vandy student majoring in elementary education and child studies with a minor in computer science. Stay tuned for lifestyle tips, pictures of my dog, and information about whatever I think is cool this week.
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Tre Dage - Hej. Jeg skrive fordi jeg skal komme hjem til USA naeste torsdag. Technically, it says 2 days to go on my blog countdown, but for the sake of parallelism, we’re going to pretend it says 3. I know I’m skipping ahead a little bit, because I am stillllll behind on blogs, but don’t worry I’ll … Continue reading Tre Dage
Not a Bullet Point Post - I have this theory, which I made up during the 4 seconds it took to open up a Word document, that there are multiple types of good days (or weeks, or months, or years).
My Scottish Accent Improves Slightly - Okay okay I’m catching up on blogs! Homestay: Getting back from Spain reminded me once again of how glad I am that I chose a homestay! I came back to a home-cooked dinner of spring rolls, which my host family calls “duck pancakes” because the rice paper looks like a pancake and we put duck … Continue reading My Scottish Accent Improves Slightly
El Mejor Lugar en el Mundo - Ready for the longest description of a one-week vacation ever? Good because I’m ready to re-live the best trip EVER. If you need a little refresher because I’m super behind on blogs, I traveled to Spain for my second travel break. Tbh I picked Spain pretty arbitrarily, but I am so glad that I did … Continue reading El Mejor Lugar en el Mundo
The US Embassy Comes in Clutch - You’ll understand that title when I get there. I’m lame and need to catch up on blogs so bear with me. Week of 3/6 (Wow that was a long time ago) So when we got to CMC class (my core course), there was no professor for the first 5 minutes, and then Professor Maggie (the … Continue reading The US Embassy Comes in Clutch
I Am Sailing Off to London - Yeah I used it as my blog title and my album caption but really what did you expect? ok disclaimer I wrote this maybe two weeks ago and then my internet died and then i forgot to post it so shhhhhhhh. I spent the last week back in an English-speaking country, which was actually kind … Continue reading I Am Sailing Off to London
My Legs Hurt from All This Walking - Hamburg was pretty cool, I guess Friday: After class on Friday, I headed to Copenhagen Central Station to catch our train to Hamburg. The train was nice and comfy, and I had cheese puffs, and Erin had mini weenies, so it was a pretty good trip. At one point, we had to get off the … Continue reading My Legs Hurt from All This Walking
look @ this stuff; isn’t it neat? - What up what up – it’s been a busy two weeks. VISITORS I’ve had some friends from home visiting for the past two weekends, which means that I got to do ~fun touristy things~ in Copenhagen with no shame. It was also cool to walk around the historic parts of the city because I got … Continue reading look @ this stuff; isn’t it neat?
HIGHLIGHTS (have u read this) - Classes: Artificial Intelligence is pretty fun. We just sit around for three hours and talk about state spaces and breadth-first vs. depth-first search algorithms. Apparently our final project is to build a model of a robot that carries stuff around in a hospital. Despite being unclear if I had the proper qualifications for this course, … Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS (have u read this)
Week One = Done - Lolz I already have lots of homework and I’m already using blogging as a form of procrastination! This feels familiar. ~Bullet Point Updates~ Homestay After dinner on Monday, I gave my family the gifts that I brought! I brought a pencil case full of supplies for Frida and Mathilde, some candy, a copy of my … Continue reading Week One = Done